About Us

STRIKEBACK SUICIDE PREVENTION APP was designed as a suicide prevention tool for PREVENTION  was designed as a suicide prevention tool for individuals suffering from depression, children that are victims of bullying, and as an emergency resource in the event of a school emergency. This lifesaving app is simple and easy to use for all ages. It has been shown statistically that swift intervention by family and friends has prevented many suicides and suicide attempts, and STRIKEBACK allows those interventions to happen quickly. This app gives empowers users to “strike back” against suicidal depression, bullies, and other school violence by instantly notifying – with the click of a button – their families and other 

loved ones the user is in danger of self-harm or harm by others. 


Once you have downloaded the free STRIKEBACK SUICIDE APP from Apple’s App Store or Google Play, you’ll be prompted to create a personalized Community Group. The app connects to your phone’s contacts, allowing you to select the top five people you trust and love who will make up your core Community Group. Next, you’ll be prompted to upload photos of cherished loved ones (or any other images of things important to you) into the Life Value section of the app. Once the profile has been completed, you’re good to go! 

When You’re In Distress  Danger …

With the click of one button, your STRIKEBACK SUICIDE APP will instantaneously notify all five members of your Community Group (family and other loved ones) via text message, informing them that you are not well or are in immediate danger.  This message also includes a GPS pinpoint location of your whereabouts, so your Community Group members can rush to your aid immediately. Once the text goes out to your group, the Life Value images, previously uploaded, will begin scrolling across your phone’s screen in a slideshow fashion – and will continue scrolling until help arrives.  This serves not only as a reminder of your reasons to live, 

but also to bring you comfort in knowing that people you trust and love are on their way to help you … and perhaps even save you.